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The Greatest Christmas Story I Ever Heard

Brother Marcus Kersey speaks to us about some important teachings of Christ and how they need to be seen in the life of children of God, developing a child-like faith.

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What the Bible Says About Baptism

The subject of water baptism is of debate among religious people. Many Protestants deny its necessity for salvation. Others deny that baptism in water is essential, but contend Holy Spirit baptism is fundamental proof of a person’s salvation. Still other denominations … Continue reading

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Responsibilities of Every Church Member

Examining Romans 12 helps us see what we can do to work in the kingdom of God and fulfill our responsibilities to aid and assist the local church.

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I Will Build My Church

We examine the promise Jesus made in Matthew 16, desiring to understand the concept of the church and its importance in the scheme of redemption.

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Magnifying Christ

Brother Kenny Moorer spoke with us last night from Philippians 1 and the importance of magnifying Christ in our lives in a world that minimizes the Lord of lords and King of kings.

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This Year You Will Die

  We consider Hananiah’s false prophecy and God’s judgment upon him. Then we begin to ask ourselves what we would do with knowing our time on earth is limited. Would we take steps to improve our life and correct our … Continue reading

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