2017 Sermons


Compromise Leads To Unfaithfulness


Believing and Being Baptized: the conversion of the Corinthians

A Tale  of Three Cities

The Angels of God, part 1 & 2

Why Were 3,000 Converted?


Humility of Mission: Service Above Self

Why So Many Churches?

First Called Christians

Do I Need to Be Baptized (Again)?


Inspiration & Inerrancy of the Bible

Repentance Unto Life

Is  Your Name In the Book of Life?

Three Things Thessalonica Did Well

Confessing Christ

My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation

A New Covenant


Edifying the Church

Redeeming the Time

A Benevolent Church

Hidden Wounds of the Heart

The Work of the Church: Evangelism

Reading With A Purpose

I Am Under Authority

Benefits of Confession


We Are Brothers

Manifesting His Glory: The First Sign

According To The Pattern

The Apostle of the Compassionate Christ

Why We Need To Talk About Bible Authority

A Life-Changing Conversation


How God Speaks To Us

She Lurks By Every Corner

How Jesus Used The Psalms On The Cross

Overcoming Temptation: Being Tempted By The Devil

How Jesus Used The Scriptures

Faithful Christians


I Am Not Ashamed

Honoring Marriage

Romans: God’s Choice of Israel (Romans 9-11)

Personal Stewardship

Romans: The Chain of Salvation (Romans 8)

Three Words To Children


Romans: Righteousness Results In Sanctification (Romans 6 & 7)

Mistakes In Parenting: Lessons From Isaac & Rebekah

Romans: Access Granted (Now That You Have Been Justified – Romans 5)

Husbands & Wives: Fitted In Service To The Lord

Romans: Justified Like Abraham (Romans 4)

Caring For Widows

The Banner of Love

Romans: All Have Sinned (Romans 1-3)

The Banner of Love


Jude: Contending For The Faith

Philemon: A Refreshing Spirit

Dwelling With The Lord

Relieving The Needs of Brethren

3 John: Personalities In The Local Church

2 John: Fellowship In The Truth

That Your Joy May Be Full: a study of 1 John