2017 Sermons


Mighty Gideon

Many, Yet One


Shamgar’s Victory

Paul’s View of the Local Church

One Generation Away

Set In Order What Is Lacking

Compromise Leads To Unfaithfulness


Believing and Being Baptized: the conversion of the Corinthians

A Tale  of Three Cities

The Angels of God, part 1 & 2

Why Were 3,000 Converted?


Humility of Mission: Service Above Self

Why So Many Churches?

First Called Christians

Do I Need to Be Baptized (Again)?


Inspiration & Inerrancy of the Bible

Repentance Unto Life

Is  Your Name In the Book of Life?

Three Things Thessalonica Did Well

Confessing Christ

My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation

A New Covenant


Edifying the Church

Redeeming the Time

A Benevolent Church

Hidden Wounds of the Heart

The Work of the Church: Evangelism

Reading With A Purpose

I Am Under Authority

Benefits of Confession


We Are Brothers

Manifesting His Glory: The First Sign

According To The Pattern

The Apostle of the Compassionate Christ

Why We Need To Talk About Bible Authority

A Life-Changing Conversation


How God Speaks To Us

She Lurks By Every Corner

How Jesus Used The Psalms On The Cross

Overcoming Temptation: Being Tempted By The Devil

How Jesus Used The Scriptures

Faithful Christians


I Am Not Ashamed

Honoring Marriage

Romans: God’s Choice of Israel (Romans 9-11)

Personal Stewardship

Romans: The Chain of Salvation (Romans 8)

Three Words To Children


Romans: Righteousness Results In Sanctification (Romans 6 & 7)

Mistakes In Parenting: Lessons From Isaac & Rebekah

Romans: Access Granted (Now That You Have Been Justified – Romans 5)

Husbands & Wives: Fitted In Service To The Lord

Romans: Justified Like Abraham (Romans 4)

Caring For Widows

The Banner of Love

Romans: All Have Sinned (Romans 1-3)

The Banner of Love


Jude: Contending For The Faith

Philemon: A Refreshing Spirit

Dwelling With The Lord

Relieving The Needs of Brethren

3 John: Personalities In The Local Church

2 John: Fellowship In The Truth

That Your Joy May Be Full: a study of 1 John